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Hi, I'm Bert. This Auto Mag website will be a fun and educational place for all. I've been working hard, lo these many past years, on a monumental book about Harry Sanford and his guns. When indicated, your help will be very much appreciated. Enjoy!

Hear Ye.  Hear Ye.

Chapter 2 parts A and B are just about on their way to being completed!  I can't give you a for sure completion date, but 2 months or less should finish things up.  Pricing will be approximately double the cost of Chapter 1.  Chapter 2 will start out with a retrospective of Chapter 1 and then proceed through the Pasadena and North Hollywood eras.

J.D. Jones, Max Gera, Lee Jurras, and Larry Grossman have written special articles just for Chapter 2.  The articles deal with their lives at Auto Mag!  Sanford and company devoted an amazing amount of work to get the Auto Mag into production; however, the venture was doomed from the outset.  There were just too many negative aspects of what they were doing, and how they did it.

You will see lots of gun and parts photos, different ammunition brands that became available, an amazing array of dies and die sets will also be shown.  Inter-office memorandums and all kinds of documents will also be made available to you.

A DVD video of Larry Grossman disassembling and then reassembling the Auto Mag is included, along with factory serial number lists of Pasadena production and special vanity numbers for other individuals.  In summation, a huge amount of information can be gleaned from Chapter 2.  It should be an interesting and educational read.  Enjoy.



Hi Ladies and Gents,

I’m back with some great news!  Lots of you know how hard I’ve been working on my total book of auto Mag.  Well, a small part of it is ready for sale as soon as the copyright papers are filed and go through the federal channels.  There will be two sizes made available for sale.  The first, an 8 by 11 size weighing 3.3 pounds and an 11 by 17 inch coffee table size weighing 6.4 pounds!

Each book has a thick material cover page, hand calligraphied with the title, a 3D print and my name.

Every page is of heavy 2 sided photo paper, the best money can buy.  Each page is separately ink jet printed in heavy, vivid colors.  The rear cover is made of matching color thick and heavy mat board.  Many of you may not purchase this historical novel because of its expense, and I truly understand.  The 8  by 11 copy was produced just for you, since it is approximately the cost of the larger volume.  I’ll be selling the book a chapter at a time as they become available.

Along with the technical aspects enumerated about Chapter 1, less the 3D print, Chapter 2 will also contain the complete serial number runs of the Pasadena Auto Mag production, the 200 H serial number run of High standard production, and the serial number runs of the B and C prefix productions.  Also included on a CD or DVD, Larry Grossman will have a truly unique surprise for you, at no additional cost!  Now let’s get down to brass tacks, your cost per copy:

8 by 11         $280.00

11 by 17          $475.00

Please make your desire known to me on my email at bert@automagheaven.com!  Since these books are each separately hand done, I’d like to know approximately how many copies I must purchase the photo paper for and then begin the printing, page by page.  Have fun awaiting your copy.

Be Well,

I remain your humble servant,


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